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Colorful Face Masks!
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Business cards, labels, stamps & More!
Goat Design AND Hoof Design Paper Punch!

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Already know what you want to order?  Try our one page order sheet - Quick Shop!   Makes it easy to order multiple items without leaving the page!

 Complete with Chef Goat!  Many colors available!

A number of prints and posters available!!
Discounts on books!  We also carry Guidelines for commercial goat operations as well as children's.
Candy Mold
Make goat design chocolates, other candies or even crafts and soaps!
Capraccino   Mug
Our original design!  Unique cup/mug available in three styles and several colors!  Folks love these!
Capricorn Pooh
Capricorn Winnie The Pooh Bean Bag! Disney's Zodiac series, no longer available from Disney.
Cookie Cutter/Stamp
We have both a tin cookie cutter and a ceramic stamp! Use for craft projects AND cookies!
Doll Patterns
Make your own!  Patterns include three ear types!
Great probiotic product that helps keep your goats healthy and helps bring them back to good health when they're ill.
ID Supplement Natural immune stimulant.  Powder and liquid.


Our original design- Drink Goat Milk design!
Fly Control
You'll love our Flystrings!  Destroys millions of flies-easy and with no odor!
Folk Art
Handmade in Peru!  Knitted finger puppets and handpainted mirrors.
Foot Stool
Mr. Goatee!  Soft and cuddly!  Will cushion your feet or make a small child's seat!
Gift Wrapping
Unique boxes, bags and tins for great gift giving!


The mini-measurer - tablespoons, teaspoons, ounces and milliliters!  Get one for the kitchen and one for the barn!
Great for low-cost show awards - or even as jewelry.  All breeds!

Adorable Country Mirror - with a Goat! Available in several breeds!  Decorative and functional!
Mouse Pads
Adorable designs in seven vibrant colors - makes a great coaster too!
Here's a classy gift idea!  We can even personalize with your herdname!
Neck Wallets
Great for name badges for meetings or for Exhibitor numbers for shows!

Delicate porcelain!  Lovely for Easter decoration or Christmas!
Milk Can Ornament
Promote the Goat!  Miniature milk can with Drink Goat Milk label and handpainted goats!

Delicate beautiful handwork!  So colorful!  9 designs!
Paper Punch
A cute craft tool!  Makes little goat cutouts or decorative edges on paper! Available in hoof design too!
The Weck!  A superb tool - stainless steel waterbath unit.  You'll be amazed at all you can do with this quality product! Pasteurize, heat treat colostrum, make cheese and much more! Currently out of stock.
I love (heart) my (breed) Dairy goats are great!  Very inexpensive.
Plastic Chain
anichain.gif (4275 bytes)
Lightweight chain with break away connecting links - bulk pricing! Top quality chain!
Pipka Collectibles - Julbock - Swedish Goat!
Our own Hoof Print design! Also available in earrings!
Charming wooden goaties just waiting to come to life in your hands!
Rocking Goat
Hand made - large size for children or art addition!
Soap Molds
Make your goat milk soaps with goat designs!  Three different designs!
Stained Glass
A gorgeous holiday wreath with removal stained glass goat ornaments!
Tool Holder
 Great for carrying hooftrimmers, medicines, knives and other supplies!
Tote Bags
Our original "Goats are Great" designs!

Toy Goats

Cute little stuffed toy...will become a favorite!  Our original design!


United we Stand - all breeds of goats, raising money for worthy causes.


"Heart" designs - three styles!  Also totebags and much more!



The Whole Goat Catalog logo!  Also totebags, clocks, calendars, mugs, aprons and more!

Our "DairyAire" Design!  Available in TShirts, sweatshirts and much more!
Noland freeze guard - forget about cleaning out frozen or dirty water buckets.  See improved milk yields and weight gains!


Our patented design!  Available in Swiss, Nubian, LaMancha and Pygmy. Also available  as a mailbox mount too!

Wooden Goaty Gifts!

Check out our cute Goat with Heart (available in several breeds) and Swedish Goat Ornament!
Swedish Goat
Colorful ornament for the tree - or add to a gift package!
ID Plates  ID PLATES.gif (13036 bytes)
            What a fun way to promote anything!  Your goats, your farm, your business or whatever you choose!   Orders are placed directly.   Simply go here for details!  Here is our ID plate, shown on our van!!


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