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The others are shipped from Khimaira.

GoatMedBook.jpg (8057 bytes)

Goat Medicine By Drs. Mary Smith and David Sherman 1994 620 pages - For veterinarians, researchers, extensions agents, breeders and others dealing with diagnosis and treatment for goats. Extensive discussion of all known goat diseases.
The Authority!

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YourGoatsBook.jpg (5466 bytes)

Your Goats : A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing by Gail Damerow 1993 - 172 pages  Explores the fun of raising goats, discussing selection, purchase, housing, feeding, health, behavior, breeding, and showing. Geared for children, but useful information for all.

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 NewGoatHandbook (7760 bytes)

The New Goat Handbook : Housing, Care, Feeding, Sickness, and Breeding With a Special Chapter on Using the Milk, Meat, and Hair by Ultrich Jaudas and Matthew M. Vriends. Covers practical advice. Interesting reading and successfully answers many questions including "quirks" of the goat!

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RaisingMilkGoat (8922 bytes)

Raising Milk Goat Successfully:  by Gail Luttmann, Roger Griffith (Editor) Has general information  on care of raising dairy goats, from the author's personal experience and perspective.

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disgoats (63729 bytes)

 DISEASES OF THE GOAT - John Matthews 1999 364 pages.    Written with a perspective of goat raising in both  the UK and US.  Very detailed and easy to follow information.  (Replaces his earlier book Outline of Clinical Diagnosis in the Goat, and has much updated information, including drug dosages)

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Craft Book

The Little Book of Goat Crafts is a  fundraiser for the Nebraska Dairy Goat Association.  It is an 8 1/2x11 spiral bound format.  It features 45 projects. (A variety of mediums such as clay, paper, fun foam, wood, fabric, felt, plastic canvas, yarn, etc.) Club secretary Betty Pecka and newsletter editor Suzy Hassler wrote and edited the many craft projects that they have perfected over the years. Many other people also contributed to this project, both members and non-members. The book is a great resource for making projects to help promote goats!




STOREY'S GUIDE TO RAISING DAIRY GOATS by Jerry Belanger Paperback - 208 pages Rev&Updated edition -1990.  An old favorite that has been undated.   An excellent basic book with good advice. Over 115,000 sold with last printing!


List: $12.50
Our price $10.00

goatcheese (17855 bytes)

GOAT CHEESE-Delectable Recipes for All Occasions by   Ethel Brennan and Georgeanne Brennan Hardback 1997 Small book. 72 pages - Great recipes and history along with fun illustrations!  A must for all who love and use goat cheese!  Our of print, but we have a few copies available!


Our price $


The Natural Soap Book : Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps by Susan Miller Cavitch Paperback - 192 pages (August 1995)  A great introduction to soapmaking, packaging and marketing.


List: $14.95
Our price $12.00


MilkbasedSoaps (11428 bytes)

MILK BASED SOAPS- Making Natural, Skin-Nourishing Soap by Casey Makela  Paperback - 112 pages (September 1997)   Tricks of the trade for making soap with milk!  Everything from Oatmeal and peaches and cream to romantic rose!

List: $14.95
Our price $12.00

SoapCompanion (16032 bytes)

Soapmaker's Companion-Comprehensive Guide With Recipes, Techniques & Know-How by Susan Miller Cavitch Paperback - 256 pages (July 1997) In response to  her The Natural Soap Book, she now presents this "big book on soapmaking, " the most authoritative, comprehensive handbook around for making natural, vegetable-based soaps. Two-color throughout. Line drawings.





List: $18.95
Our price $16.00

GoatinRug (7760 bytes)

**GOAT IN THE RUG by Charles L. Blood  Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback - 32 pages Reprint edition (September 1990)   My children loved this book!  It's a story about an Angora goat and a Navaho weaver.  We have read this every year to  kindergarten children who visit the farm.





Our Price

The Goat who Sailed the World  Jackie French. Paperback. This is about  Captain Cook's goat - a goat that had already sailed around the world before it went on its first voyage with Cook, and helped save everyone on board from shipwreck. As well as telling the story of this once-obscure goat, the book looks at the great sea explorations of the eighteenth century. and the goat is the hero!

Captain Cook's goat is one of many historical animals who bring the past to life. This is the first book in the Animal Stars series. Each book in this series is a factual narrative about a real animal associated with an important person in history.  Ages 9 - 13


Our Price $12.50


Banza.jpg (5524 bytes)

THE BANZA: A HAITIAN STORY Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback - Reading Rainbow (1981)

"Seeking refuge from a storm, a tiger and goat meet in a cave and decide to be friends. Tiger leaves Goat a special gift-a banza or banjo-for Goat's protection. Later, alone, Goat finds herself face-to-face with ten hungry tigers. Using her banza, she sings a ferocious song that sends the tigers sneaking off in fears. Told with rich economy, this brief tale is laced with action and humor. Brown's solid, textured drawings in bright Caribbean colors are a fine extension of the text, excellent for sharing with groups." -School Library Journal. SC.


Our Price

Fantastic Color Pictures! **THE BILLY GOAT SHOW:  Author - Joan Kaghan- Hardcover (1993)
Step right up and don't be shy--bring a penny, a nickel, a quarter, a dime--the Billy goat guarantees a wonderful time! He and his talented troupe prance and dance, sing and swing, rhyming their way through each month's holidays and celebrations--and they never forget anyone's birthday! HC, children's book. Wonderful, bright and colorful pictures - would look great framed!

Retail $14.00
Our Price

King Puck: Author: Michael Garland. Hardback. One lonely farmer and his extraordinary goat seek the chance of a lifetime at the King Puck Festival! Set against the backdrop of Ireland's oldest and most unusual fair, King Puck is a jig-reeling, kid-appealing tale of friendship and fun.


Retail $16.99
Our Price



Pumpkin Pie -Hardback - Great color images.
Cute Story! Hard cover. The Toggenburg goat enters a competition at a show!  Includes information on the life cycle, physical characteristics, and behavior of dairy goats. Ages 4-8


Retail $15.00
Our Price $11.00

Cashmere If You Can! Authors: Corr, Christopher (Ilt) Hohhot, Wawahis  this is the story of a goat named WAWA, who loves a city named New York - and of how she exposes the fashion industry's biggest secret!


Retail: $16.99
Our Price

Farm Animals Stained Glass Coloring Book.  Illustrations of 8 animals (goat, duck, cow, donkey, rooster, pig, lamb and horse) appear on translucent paper, ready to be filled in with crayons, felt tip pens or paints in realistic or fanciful colors.  Hang drawings near a source of light and watch this gentle  menagerie glow with stained glass effects.  4 3/16 x 5 3/4.  Keep extras on hand for visiting children!


Colored with imagination!

Our Price

  Old MacDonald's Farm Stencils   Ready to trace simple portraits of the farmer himself, his barn and silo as well as a goat, horse, cow, pig, donkey, rooster, turkey, duck, goose lamb and others. 4 3/16 x 5 3/4. Children loves these for coloring, or they work great for arts and crafts projects.

Our Price



A Christmas Tale

  "America's foremost explainer of animal feelings and thoughts has woven fur and scent into the Christmas story, with amusing and moving results."
 Main character is Ima - a Goat. Go Here for more details

Christmas Tale

Our Price

The Summer of Stanley by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
Hardback 8 1/2x11.  Award-winning light-hearted look at another era -1945 delightfully illustrated by Donald Gates.  Stanley the goat saves the day. List $14.99 Our price $11.00.

Summer of Stanley

Our Price


Billy Whiskers by Frances Trego Montgomery. The first and most popular volume of a favorite series of children's books about a rambunctious and irresistible goat - Billy Whiskers - and his many exciting adventures.   Billy's bravery, perseverance and determination help him to get out of scrapes as often as they help to him to get into them! It is as fondly remembered today by parents (Robert Kennedy recalled it as his favorite book as a child) who will enjoy reading it again to their children.  $6.95 Paperback.

Unabridged republication of the first (1902) edition.

Billy Whiskers

Our Price


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