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(Formerly the Weck canner)

Sorry, out of stock!

(If you are a Khimaira Webhosting customer, ask us about a limited time special offer!)


Please note:  There will be a slight change in overall design of this unit with the new model. 
Also, the new model has a "high top" plastic lid as standard.  New pictures will be posted as soon as available.  Unfortunately we are not able to obtain the original Weck brand, but this is a replacement that we can now offer.

Although sometimes they can be shipped more quickly, please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

Pasteurize milk, heat treat colostrum...make cheese...and more "!
 Purchase from Khimaira and receive a $10.00 credit
 for a future Khimaira purchase of $50.00 or more!
(Credit can be applied to or Webhosting!)

Weck with Faucet)

Target1371.gif (11333 bytes)



Two Models!  One with a faucet and one without. The faucet is handy to drain out water or other liquid such as apple cider or ice tea for a crowd! (We do not recommend heating milk directly in the canner, and this could void the warranty). The faucet model also allows you to easily drain hot water and add cold water, if you want to use the unit to cool the milk. A unit full of water weighs over 50#, so the faucet allows easy draining without lifting if placed in an area to drain or fitted with a rubber hose. The faucet model is our best seller!  While it does cost more, our users are always pleased with its versatility!

Although this unit is designed as a canner, here are some of the uses our customers have reported!
  • Pasteurizing milk
  • Pasteurizing apple cider
  • Heat treating colostrum
  • Warming bottles of milk
  • Making cheese
  • Beer making
  • Fudge making
  • Candle making
  • To dye fiber and fabrics (reported for wool and other fibers as well as fabrics)
  • Cooking large batches of soups and stews
  • Holding foods at serving temperatures
  • Chocolate melting
  • Cheese or chocolate fondues
  • Warming milk for separating out cream
  • Thawing frozen foods
  • Steaming foods
  • Use in laboratories
  • Serving drinks for a crowd - hot cider?  cold ice tea?
  • And even holding warm and wet washcloths in 'gourmet restaurants'!

    Both styles include a flat canning rack.

After a long time of searching and trying different methods, we've found a wonderful product for dairy goat operations!  Made in Germany and designed as a water bath canner, this gorgeous stainless steel pot can work hard for you every day in many ways!   With it's adjustable thermostat, this electric unit can maintain constant temperatures anywhere from 80 to 220F.  You set the desired temperature, and it heats to that temperature and holds - great for heat treating larger batches of colostrum (you can use jars, bags or even plastic soda bottles)!  It's heat resistant plastic base makes it safe to use on countertops.  Powerful 1380 watt heater works fast (110 volts)!

Here's the winner of our Photo Contest ....Why the canner Is Best!!

Congratulations to Kathy Evans and Susan Callahan! Also, we decided to award Jean Baugh a prize for her story telling the horrors of trying to pasteurize on the stove! 

Rest In Peace!

What a mess!

A tired old, and Short Lived  Pasteurizer -
 Rest In Peace!

What can happen when you try pasteurizing on the stove!

The unit holds about 7 1/2 gallons of liquid (designed for use as a water bat unit).  We personally use a 13 quart stainless steel pail, but you can use a wide variety of "inner units". Outside height is 15". Interior height is 11 3/4", diameter 14", capacity 30 liters (32qt.).  The original model comes with a high-dome heat-resistant FDA-approved plastic lid and the faucet model comes with a stainless steel lid.   Another wonderful feature is the auto shut-off that will prevent it from operating should it run dry.  Since it can maintain the constant temperature for hours with no problem, you won't  have to deal with overheated milk and potential fires from leaving that pot of milk on the stove too long!  Also, you won't have to deal with pitted aluminum again!  We carried another popular "pasteurizer" for years, but it just seemed to get higher in price, the thermostat wasn't reliable, and it just didn't have a long life.  We feel the quality, functionality and durability of this unit far surpasses those aluminum units that are available elsewhere. Hefty unit, weighs around 25 pounds.

Comes with a full one-year warranty!
Note:  The manufacturer honors the one year warranty when used as a canner.  Khimaira will personally honor a full one year warranty even when used for other purposes, if unit has not been damaged, dropped or abused (we may choose to repair or replace).  Heating milk directly in the canner can create failure of the unit, and is not covered by warranty.  If properly cared for, this unit should last for many years.  We have one that has been in daily use for over 10 years, and it looks nearly new and still functions superbly!  It is important to clean the interior periodically with an acid cleaner to remove any mineral build-up that could impair efficient heating and operation.  It is very sturdy,  and with reasonable care, it will serve you well for years to come!

Heat treating colostrum in the Weck Here is a batch of colostrum that is heating perfectly in the  Canner.  The insert shown is a 12 quart stainless steel stockpot. Note the use of the thermometer, which we always recommend.  The  lid fits over the entire unit, allowing more efficient heating.
Using a Pail with the Weck Here we are using the 13 quart stainless steel bucket (sold below) for pasteurizing.  Note that the pail fits totally within the unit, so we can use the  lid to cover the entire unit.  Also, this style of pail has a bail which rests on the top, rather than falling to the side, which keeps it out of the hot water. In both pictures, the milk is resting on the canning rack that is included with the Weck. 
 We now offer stainless steel buckets that can be used with the canner.   Quality stainless steel in 3 sizes!  Please note that the 16 quart pail does not allow the  lid to completely cover the unit (it sits slightly higher), but we are offering it for our customers who want this capacity. 

A tapered style allows fast and complete water circulation for even heating.  Bail rests on top of the bucket, so there will be no hot handles to worry about! Please allow 2 weeks delivery time.

NOTE: While we offer 3 sizes of buckets, it has been our experience that the fastest processing has actually been with the 13 quart size.  It allows for more water in the canner, thus more space around the bucket.  This also holds the temperature of the water better for subsequent batches, and allows for more rapid heating of the milk.  Even though the capacity is less, the net effect of heating the milk has been faster, in our experience, on a per gallon basis.  Anything smaller does not seem to be as efficient.  We've been using this method for years, and it has proven to be "just right" for us.
Description Item# Price
*Weck Design Canner
1001 $280.00  
(Plus $15.00 shipping - $295.00 Total)

*Weck Design Canner with faucet  


1001.2 $325.00
(Plus $15.00 shipping - $340.00 Total)

Replacement Heating Element for old model Weck
  Includes replacement gasket and thermostat. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
1001.HE $0.00

Stainless Steel bucket - 13 Quart 1001.13 $72.00

Stainless Steel bucket - 16 Quart 1001.16 $88.00

Stainless Steel bucket - 20 Quart 1001.20 $105.00

* Designed like the Weck Canner



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