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Design 7  Design 8 Example of #7
on a red paper background

These small pictures can't begin to show the intricacy of these pieces of art!   The detail is exquisite!  Actual size is around 3"x4".  

s soon as they invented paper, the Chinese developed its use. For a long time, paper-cutting was reserved to high-society women as an aristocratic hobby. Later, as paper became more 'democratic', paper-cuts make their appearance in lower classes of society. First reserved to women and young girls as a domestic art, it became an art when some craftsmen, essentially men, practiced it!  It needs great dexterity and real graphic abilities. In its simplest form, the traditional paper-cut uses only the contrast between 2 colors: the one of chosen paper - it is often red but all colors are possible - and the white of the background.  In the pictures above, the background is white.  For photographic purposes, the cuts were placed on while paper. In actuality, this is the open background of the work, which you can see on the image with the red background.

Another difficulty: paper-cut is an object. That means the drawing must be unbroken, each part of the illustration communicating with another...all in one piece! That is the art, and the beauty, of paper-cutting.  Our papercuts are truly unique!  Each one is laboriously cut and then handpainted on delicate rice paper, by skilled artisans.  

The greatest challenge is in mounting the papercuts because they are so fragile and light
weight.  After a lot of experimentation, we've found that one of the best ways is to mount them on paper with an adhesive spray. Place the papercut face down on a sheet of waxed paper. Spray lightly from about a foot away, attempting to get an even layer over the entire pattern. Then peel it off gently and place it on the card stock, taking care not to let wrinkles form. If there is too much adhesive, the papercut will stick to the waxed paper and be difficult to remove. It's necessary to rinse the spray nozzle frequently under hot water to keep the spray fine.

Papercuts make beautiful greeting cards. It's possible to make a simple, elegant card by just gluing a single papercut to a folded piece of white card stock, but there are endless possibilities for creative variations. 

Here is an example of a matted papercut.

 Some other examples:

  • Experiment with different colors of card stock. Neutral colors and pastels sometimes work best without distracting from the papercut design.  Mat and frame for a glorious exhibit!

  • Apply solid colored papercuts to contrasting paper, trim around that with scissors and then apply it to the card.

  • Add dimension and interest to the card by dry embossing the card first with a simple stencil.

  • Experiment with different textures of card stock and backgrounds.

  • Add simple lines, dots, cutouts or other designs to the edges or corners of the card to "frame" the papercut. Satin ribbon along the edges of the card can also add a nice finish to the card.

Enjoy the beauty of these delightful creations!   They make great inexpensive gifts!

Please note: Colors will vary somewhat, as each is hand painted

NEW!  Now available laminated! Ready to hang from your tree, gift bags or anywhere you want a little extra decorative sparkle!  Comes with a ribbon attached and ready to hang!  They are also available on porcelain ornaments at our CafePress shop!  Go There!


Item #

Papercuts 1030-Pcut

$3.00 each


With Ribbon

$3.75 each


GIFTWRAP IT!  We can make your gift special!  Depending on the item you are purchasing, we will select an appropriate-sized special gift box, add tissue or colorful paper shred, include a laminated gift tag (goat design of course!) and a FREE Goat Note Card!   The entire collection is only $1.95...less than the price of a card alone!  
Or, if you would prefer a fabric gift bag or decorative tin - Go Here!

Select the Card Design you would like!

In the comment section of the shopping cart, add any remarks you would like included on the GoatNote Card.
If your "ship to" address is the same as your order address, we will include these items "flat" and ready for you to use. If your "ship to" address goes to someone else, we'll have it all setup and ready to surprise the recipient!




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