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Khimaira Farm Dairy Goats One of our ladies!

Did you know?

*The Khimaira herd was on official DHIR standard testing for nearly 15 years.
*Khimaira dairy goats have placed Top Ten in the nation for milk and butterfat.
*Khimaira held the top Virginia Nubian production records while on test.
*Khimaira dairy goats have earned linear scores of 90 with excellents in all categories.
*Thousands of Khimaira dairy goats have found homes in every state of the U.S. and more than twenty countries worldwide.
*Khimaira herdsires have placed in the USDA Sire Summary Top 15%, with does appearing on the Elite Doe lists.



We can provide export orders for breeding stock, semen and embryos.  Go Here for more information.

Great Values!

We support and appreciate receiving feedback through official ADGA programs, and offer several discounts opportunities.

A $25.00 discount for herds on official test (rebated when production records are provided).
A $25.00 discount for linear appraisal (rebated when scores are provided).
Multiple purchase discounts.
One FREE breeding for all does purchased.
$10.00 Khimaira Bucks gift certificate for Khimaira Kaprine Kreations.
Payment Plans available.
And perhaps most importantly....service after the sale!   We're here to help you care for and enjoy your Khimaira Farm purchases!

Due to the large number of does kidding, we no longer maintain a sales list. We invite you to visit during kidding season, and you'll be able to select kids at that time. A $25 advance deposit will guarantee you an opportunity to have early selection.

After kids are weaned, milkers will be for sale. Occasionally, we sell bred does, but generally we like to freshen a large number of does so we can track the genetics of our breeding program.

Email or call us for an appointment to visit the farm!  


The Girls Heading Out To Pasture!

The Girls heading out to pasture!

  Commercial farm tours or private visits are available by advance reservation. As we are a working farm, we hope you'll understand the necessity of scheduling visits. If you are traveling in this area with a commercial tour group, please have your organizer give us a call.  



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